“All the Ladies who Truly Feel Me…”

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for some time, following a conversation with a male cousin of mine.  Touching upon the subject of looking for potential spouses for one of our cousins, I mentioned to him that I hoped something good happened soon.  “It will, I can sense good things are in store for her”.  Rather surprised at his quite sentimental words, I asked him, if he predicted anything for me.  He hesitated, briefly…..but I caught it.  “Are you wanting to settle down?”, he asked.

This is the unfortunate reality, as a women, for when you try to live your life.  To the outside, I am living a fairly care-free life.  Rather than wallow, I left.  I live life fairly independently because I have to.   I smile because there’s no point in crying.  I appear strong because nobody can help when I feel weak.  If I was a man, living the way I do, I would never have been asked the question above.  As a female, I was.

I’ve learnt to hold back a little when people’s comments irritate me and try to answer calmly.  “Ofcourse I do.  We’re not made to live alone and I crave companionship”.  That was my civil answer.  My male counterpart would never have to give an answer because it would be granted that a man cannot live without sex.  Yet a woman is different because we can?  A woman of course does not have the biological makeup in her that craves intimacy!

I’m long past feeling hurt by anybody’s comments.  I can appreciate that if somebody who is related to me thinks along those lines then I have very little hope for anybody else to think differently.