Hello and welcome.  My name is Laila and I have been writing for a while now on blogger.  I’ve opted to change to this site for a number of reasons but I won’t bore you too much with them!  I enjoy writing and venting as it were, mostly about my life during and since my divorce x

You can catchup on my story and past going ons through blogger by clicking the following link; Desi, Divorced and Damn Fabulous.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so far enjoying your blog. I honestly feel for you about your mother in law because my mom has to deal with a difficult one quite often. You know it’s sad that the desi community has made divorce sound like a sin, when if it’s needed, even religiously it has to be done. Can’t wait to read more!

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    • Thanks ummesalmah for your comment and I feel for your poor mum although I’m sure she will have much wisdom from her experience. Divorce still has a stigma and to an extent understandable to someone whose never been married but it’s far more watered down than what it used to be x


  2. Dear Desi. Thank you for following my post. I just want to tell you one thing: You are damn really and fabulous. I fell in love with your blog; it’s so beautifully designed and created. Though, I don’t know you, I am sure that behind this blog, there is a FABULOUS Lady. A Lady with a Capital. I haven’t even began reading and I am captivated by your style of writing. For sure, you just have won a regular reader and I am so looking forward to read your stories.


    • Aw gyordanova, thank you for leaving such a lovely message. I was inspired by your post which I commented on earlier and how it resonated with me. I look forward to catching up properly on your blog too. Much love, L x

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  3. Hey…. Loving your blog its nice to read someone with familiar thoughts 🙂 here in ” typical culture of ours ” we need more girls like who share life expwriences and thoughts. I myself 30 yrs old divorced and very proud of it , if its the only choice it should be done! And life goes on with smile on face Alhumdulillah ! Keep on writting 👍

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  4. Dearest Laila,
    Your blog is amazing mashallah! I am somebody who is currently going through a divorce, I have found it to be the hardest thing ever!!! Alhamdulilah, I have supportive people around me who are helping me but there are many days that I struggle and cannot help but question why me? I know Allah is the best of planners and he has a plan. You’re blog is really helping me so I just wanted to say Jazakillah khair.


    • Toodles, thank you for your lovely words. It makes this blog feel worthwhile knowing that others are able to benefit from it. I’m sorry for what you’re going through but I hope your future leads to happiness you never knew existed xx


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