The Final Goodbye

I had a moment of realisation whilst away and perhaps from my last post, folk might have guessed that I was leading upto this.  It’s obvious now, for me, that this blog has reached the end of its purpose.

Its purpose was mainly cathartic and through it, I connected with many wonderful people who provided me with love, support and advice in their own ways.  There’s absolutely no regret in my mind for starting this, not only for what it provided me but also as a platform for other women (and men), going through life’s difficulties to connect.

The decision to end this blog has happened for a couple of reasons:

I don’t associate myself as a “divorcee” or really feel the need to pigeon hole myself into that little box anymore.  I’d rather describe myself as a slightly mad, fiesty but underneath it all, a warmhearted and wonderful person.

Secondly, whilst I haven’t been particularly bothered about people knowing about my blog, the focus of my writings is changing.  I would rather not talk about certain intimate details with people whom I don’t really involve in my life.  It’s surprised me  over the past few months that there are people reading this blog whom I wouldn’t have thought cared much about what I have to say; if I was to be cynical, perhaps it’s a way of keeping up with some gossip that my life may be providing.

Divorce ignited within me a passion for writing.  I will continue writing on a different platform and for those who aren’t directly linked to me but I have developed a connection with you through this blog, I am happy to share it and keep in touch.  You all know who you are so pop me an email and I will re-connect with you.  For others, whom I don’t really know but have been reading this, I apologise but I am aiming to keep the next blog fairly private from my personal circle so unless we have shared some communications, I won’t be sharing the details.  I hope this is understandable.

Through this blog, I am hoping to setup an initiative with an established women’s helpline to provide further support, whether it be religious or emotional, to Muslim women going through divorce.  One thing that has become clear is that we get lost in the process.  There is a lack of religious guidance out there but more importantly empathy from religious leaders .  This is something, through our helpline, which we hope to change.  Should there be an avenue where we can take this online then we will endeavour to do so and I will update this blog if it happens.

My email account will be active and I am happy to still provide support.  There’s something to be said about the power of an online community.  And to that community; thank you for your amazing support over the years.  Your own experiences and advice helped in more ways than I can ever express.  In return, I hope this blog has been and will continue to be of use to others going through similar situations.

It’s been four years of cataloguing pain, tears and heartache.  I’ll be honest, it’s probably taken me that long to stop feeling so angry.  However I can also see the wonderful opportunities that life has provided me which I would never have experienced otherwise.  Life goes on.  It takes time to find yourself again but once you do, the possibilities are endless.  We may never be the same but that’s not to say that we can’t become better versions of ourselves.

And on that note… and hugs.  Goodbye from me.

12 thoughts on “The Final Goodbye

  1. Sad to see the blog end but happy for u on a personal level. Ur words have resonated so much with me. Your emotions, feelings amd overal experiences are uncannily similiar to mine. May U prosper with Allahs blessings . Good luck n all the best xx an avid reader x


    • Ameen. Many thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad we were able to connect through this and our experiences. I’m sad in a way to see it end however the time has come and it most definitely feels like the right thing to do xx take care of yourself too and may you go from strength to strength xx


  2. Goodbye! I am sorry to see you go; I really enjoyed reading your posts, but I get where you are coming from: you are now (and always were) more than a ‘divorcee’, so it is natural to want to move past limiting labels like that. Your idea for a helpline sounds fantastic and I really hope it works out.

    Travel much and be well!



    • Hi JoJo, perhaps we will connect on a new platform whenever I get around to organising that. I’ve enjoyed engaging with you and your inputs to the blog. I can always count on you to make me think 😉 . Yes I hope it works out too and the fact we have an established helpline on board is one hurdle out the way. Here’s to life adventures, broadening travels and future happiness wherever it may lie xxx


  3. Never commented before, and I only recently discovered your blog in January, but I will miss your amazing personality and your posts! I wish you and your family success and happiness in this world and the hereafter. xo


  4. Oh I am really sad to hear you’re leaving, I used to love reading your posts in my spare time. I am sorry to see you go but also very happy for your future projects. May Allah grant you much happiness, health and success. All the very best xoxo


  5. Thank you for helping me through my healing process. I truly looked forward to all your posts and although I will miss you, I am glad you are moving on to better places and I pray that better things and better people come your way, you deserve it! Much love 🙂


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