The Art of Femininity

“Men like daft girls, act like a bit of an airhead around him”.  Say what?  That was the advice of a married friend after telling her I had been talking to a man but wasn’t entirely sure where it was going.  I protested that it wasn’t me and surely that’s got to be considered a bit manipulative.  She tried to ease my fears on this: “It’s just what men like”.

I didn’t heed this advice but interestingly it has come up, more than once, from well meaning people.  I’ve been told that I come across too independent to the point that a man will wonder why I need him.  But I don’t understand this.  I really don’t.  Why would I be relying on a man I’m merely getting to know?  Surely he would know that if I’m into him, talking to him, getting to know him that I’m interested in a relationship and once solid then yes, I have no trouble in placing my burdens on the broad shoulders of my man to be.

Be more feminine when you speak to them, another gem.  I half wonder if my friends have bugged my phone, analysed the calls and circled all the things I do wrong.  Even if they did, it’s not like I tuck away a testicle as I talk farts or superchargers with blokes I like… what exactly is being feminine?

10 thoughts on “The Art of Femininity

      • There isn’t an answer. Every man and woman for that matter what different things. I did the whole ‘compromise ‘ who I was to be accepted and it wasn’t enough. You can’t change who you are. One can compromise on certain situations for the greater good but one shouldn’t change themselves for someone else. I think it’s quite insulting to men to think that they want ‘airheads’.


  1. I think it means that some men like to be the alpha and have a more submissive female. I personally could never bring myself to play that part. If you’re the independent self-reliant type, hold out for a man who appreciates and supports that. They are out there.


    • B girl! How are you and how is married life treating you? This is essentially what I feel I’m told, change yourself into a ‘hanjee janu’ in order to lockdown a bloke. I’m hoping there are men that would appreciate it but for now I am uncertain! X


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