A Spoonful of Sugar..

Those that read Lumps and Bumps, I’m pleased to say that I received the results from the recent biopsy and there is nothing untoward.  Tests have discovered a plethora of lacking minerals and vitamin levels so I’m on a cocktail which should have me fixed up soon.  Currently, still very tired but trying.

I won’t lie, at the back of my mind, I worried that I was slipping into some sort of depression.  I couldn’t account for my feelings of tiredness and as someone whose used to being on the go and fairly active, the lack of fresh air and good company was affecting my mood.  I reasoned with myself however, that I had dipped into that black hole once, when my ex left and this didn’t feel the same.  One week of medication down and things are looking better.

Around the time my ex left, I believe that I entered into a depressive stage.  However after tackling the issues surrounding the abuse and cheating, I’ve never had the misfortune of meeting the black hole again.  The black hole is horrendous.  There’s no invitation to enter, rather, it chooses to consume you.  It makes you wish you had never woken up in the mornings.  It makes you sit for hours and contemplate ways to ensure you might never wakeup again.  It makes life unbearable.    Hopefully, for me, a one off incident brought on by circumstances.  For those that suffer from chronic depression, I can’t empathise enough; nobody ever really gets to understand the depths of darkness the blackhole can take you too.

5 thoughts on “A Spoonful of Sugar..

    • Amen and ameen to that! May nobody ever have that much power to push me into the blackhole again…when am I getting an update on your stuff, awaiting a post about tall dude lol. Xx


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