To the Single Nomads – Help!

If you’re in your thirties, like me, you’ll be stuck in this limbo.  Half your friends or family of the same age are married.  They have children who are probably at school by now.  If you come from the Asian sub culture then the other half of your friends who are single probably aren’t allowed to travel due to cultural or religious restrictions imposed.

I have one friend who travels but isn’t the rough and tumble type of traveller that I like to think I am.  Don’t get me wrong, five star hotels are great but I prefer meeting real people, randomly being invited to their village and being dragged to my new friend’s cousin’s wedding the next day.

I feel stuck when it comes to travelling and realise that if I plan to do something then I will probably need to go it alone.  This always feels more daunting with shorter breaks than long term stays.  Working abroad was easier to do alone as you’re around people naturally due to the nature of work, the longer stay allows you to build a social circle.  I’m not one to sit in a cafe and eat by myself…….I managed it a few times while I was away and it’s not so terrible but I can’t imagine doing this for every meal while away for two weeks.

As many know, I left for a while and subsequently returned after a short contract and death of a family member. I am possibly in a lucky position whereby I can do this every year.  This year, it’s not worked out very well due to deciding my life plan a little too late.  But I will probably be away, on a shorter time scale, to deliver aid combined with some exploring.

I would love to hear from other singletons and how you travel?  Can you offer me any tips as to how to go it alone?

8 thoughts on “To the Single Nomads – Help!

  1. I fall into the category of not being “allowed” to travel alone 😡 suckfest. I’m a loner so in many ways, theoretically, I think I would hack the dining and being alone etc. But getting lost terrifies me and I am prone to getting lost due to a serious lack of direction even with maps etc.

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  2. Just do it – book somewhere and go. I used to think I couldn’t do it but now I finder it harder travelling with others!
    Try a group like intrepid first to ease yourself in or just jump in the deep end. Whichever you choose, the freedom to see what you want, how you want, when you want is amazing. Good luck!


    • B Girl, that’s what I would love about it! The freedom of seeing what I want when I want! That’s what’s held me back travelling with friends in the past. Ok I shall update with how the summer pans out, look into the group and decide what to do. Ps- how have I never come across your blog? Am a follower now!


      • It’s fantastic – I didn’t think I’d like it but loved it and can’t really travel with others now that I’ve spoilt myself. Highly recommended!
        Thanks for following 🙂


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