Tweet Tweet

I decided to enter the world of twitter today.  It took some help and involved a kindly cousin coming over.  Said kindly cousin found my blog picture hysterical to which I had to remind him that when I setup this account I was crying into my keyboard, not particularly fussed about images or blog names.  Hopefully he felt suitably guilty afterwards (hehe).

A new blog image however is in works through another blogger, yes cousin, I was aware the image isn’t quite in keeping with the fab rep I’m going for.

Anyway, the point of this post, follow me on twitter!  If you can’t be bothered scrolling down the sidebar to find my handle (scrolling does take effort) then it’s @DamnFabDesi.  Holler.

3 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet

  1. Dear Sister,

    You write really well and your blog is an inspiration.. a little offering of advice from another sister. Please don’t lose your grace and elegance in crude words to gain a few clicks, that naturally as humans feed our attraction to popularity. I have been there, lonely and popular with lots of hand clapping well wishers, but that’s all a nice, distracting illusion. The reality of the solitude and the raw emotions stayed. My advice would be to heal through reflection, try swimming, try nature walks, try pondering upon the words of the Creator. Your destiny is already written, and after hardship, ease does come. Please don’t lose yourself in the crowd of popular illusions of do what makes you happy. Patience is bitter, but the reward is sweet. I took out time o write this, not to criticise you, but only out of care. Having experienced this whole cycle.

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