And it Continues

Sex deviant is still in contact.  Having successfully blocked him from whatsapp, he popped up once again on viber, an app I forgot I had.  Further ignoring and blocking ensued.  A day passed before I received a good old fashioned text message.  Each message laced with some type of sexual undertone.  My phone, coming from the Samsung stone age, won’t allow me to block his number fully.  So I’m left to ignore it until he gets bored and finds some other woman to harass.  Until then, my poor phone is facing abuse of the worse kind it ever has.

Mr Shami has been in contact.  A chap I met on my travels.  Smart, somewhat scatty but good fun to speak to.  Cross country relationships are by far the most interesting.  Certain things get lost in translation.  Other times, I wonder how he takes my humour; quite often sarcastic, here we label it as banter but there, I’m not sure.  Following every conversation with him, I tell myself afterwards, tone down the “wit”.

I touched on sex deviant with Mr S.  Perhaps a little insensitive but the back story with S.D didn’t entail a relationship and plus unless a man commits fully, I’m assuming he’s meeting others so I probably should too.  Let’s face it, there’s no polite way of telling that story and I regretted it as soon as I started.  This was not one for skype.  There were two ways this conversation could have gone, relieved however when he told me he would have beat the shit out of somebody if they had said that to his sisters.  Bonus point Mr S, bonus points.

6 thoughts on “And it Continues

  1. If Mr Deviant was met via an old fashioned introduction, now might be a good time to let your folks know to let his folks know about his… proclivities 😀

    He sounds like a total idiot.


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