Till Death do us Part

This week, two deaths visited our family circle.  One was found alone, the police breaking down the door to reveal the poor man inside.  The other, surrounded by family, taking his last breaths as his loved ones held him.

Despite having an extremely large family who live close by, there is a niggle which remains at the back of my mind.  Having seen first hand the length to which partners, children go to for their loved ones, I think about my own circumstances if I was to fall ill.

Ofcourse, I believe my siblings would give their lives for me and I for them.  If I remain a singleton for the rest of my years however, how much is fair to expect from them and how much will they reasonably be able to do?

I have a fear of dying alone.  This week’s experiences only served to further compound that.  Reeling from this, in the midst of a conversation with a male friend, I made a proposition.  Should we ever reach the age of 40 unmarried then perhaps we should marry each other.  The reaction was slightly calmer than what I expected, given that I’m not normally prone to such insane suggestions.  Apparently he already had one of those deals running.  Trust me to pick one who, even in the land of hypotheticals, was taken.

3 thoughts on “Till Death do us Part

  1. It is a sad time for you, sorry for your losses….

    But as we know death comes to us all, and I guess you are right to think about your companion for the future…
    But you sure are amazing at picking ’em!!

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