Let’s Talk about Sex

Most guys will have seen a dirty movie in their life and their unrealistic sexual fantasies start.  Following a couple of interesting and at times quite sad emails, I would like to dispel a few myths for you gents.

Woman do not enjoy giving oral.  Putting religious perspective aside (oral sex is questionable), for the most part woman have no desire to do this.  You smell, the act itself is gross and frankly, what pleasure do we get from it….exactly.  Don’t expect it.

She will be lying primed for you like a sexual Goddess.  Sex for us is related to emotion.  If you’re good to us and you treat us well then yes, we may well be kitted out in some Ann Summers goods.  Act like an utter arse however and we really have no desire to be around you and whether we like it or not our body connects to this.

We are made in different shapes and sizes.  The FF breasted, tiny waisted woman has probably been recruited by the porn industry.  We have jiggle, big boobs, small boobs, no bum, some junk in the trunk.

Sex is not particularly glamorous.  If you’re new to it then it will probably take you a while to actually understand your woman’s body and vice versa.  You will not give her mind blowing orgasms as you are made to believe unless you learn to understand her.  The aftermath is sticky, sweaty and a touch messy.  The sex smell is nowhere close to even the cheapest bottle of perfume.

Now I’m no prude but I was a little taken aback by this next one.  I currently live in a conservative society.  Woman are not allowed to have sex before marriage and are expected to preserve their chastity.  As a result, anal sex is rife here.  Her husband, when she gets married, will never know his virginous wife was not so pure after all.  Perhaps this is a plea to be above women as well, could you stop giving men this false idea that we enjoy being shagged like a dog.

All in all, despite all this, yes we do actually enjoy sex.  A woman is a woman however, and not a figment of what the porn industry might have made you believe .

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Sex

  1. Women don’t enjoy giving oral? Don’t like being shagged like dogs? Within the context of the right person and the right time, all people will think different sexual acts are normal and enjoyable – grossness being in the eye of the beholder!

    You can’t say oral sex is disgusting then say you are no prude 😛 It’s a very standard part of modern day sexual repertoire (for both men and women), but that doesn’t mean anything – if you don’t like something, end of story, no one gets to have a greater right over your body than you, but I think this kind of generalisation is not helpful, instead good sex is based on communication, trust and love.

    (Random question: do you think a man giving oral sex to a woman is disgusting too?)


    • Jojo, I’ve missed you here. It was a very generalised post but it was actually made in reference to many emails I have received. The context itself wasn’t clear but it was done with reference to men who are addicted to porn. It is assumed that their women will be into all the things that they have watched in these movies. Unfortunately, this leads to coersion and pressure to perform acts which they are not comfortable with. Ofcourse, sexual habits and preference are up to the individual and couple to communicate. Are these things communicated well though? Within any culture, I think it is easy to be pressured to do things which we are not keen to do. Lol, your question is far from random at the end however I am a hygiene freak. I don’t think mouths should be near that area but again everything you read is my personal opinion. I don’t throw down religious doctrine at people nor force others to form the same ideas as me. I also believe that anybody reading is intelligent enough to understand that sexual preference is about communication with their partner and not about following a post on a blog.

      Jojo, I’m flattered if you think I am a prude. It is something which I am never referred to as!


  2. I do always drop by to have a read of your interesting thoughts!

    I think within any couple communication can take place if people are confident enough they will not be judged – particularly for women of all cultures, asking for certain things that they find pleasurable may be seen as loose or unfeminine. But even for men, it does feel quite rejecting to ask for something and be met with horror!

    😀 I do contend that not liking oral sex for hygiene reasons does make you prudish, but it’s all relative isn’t it? For example, there are certain things I think are just gross, but others will think I’m a square for not being into them! But who cares? Bottom line, even if the whole world is telling you something is normal, your personal preferences trump all.

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