Keepin’ it Halal

I’ve been wifi-less for over two months now, part of the reason why I haven’t been seen much on here!  I have intentions of getting something organised as of tomorrow; no tv, no wifi……I have read all the books I came here with now.

Life has been going well alhamdulillah.  There is no question that my confidence is sky high.  One of the biggest things I have come to realise is that I make friends easily, something which worried me a lot before I came out here.  I have a social circle and don’t find it difficult to go up to people, introduce myself and invite them out for a coffee/lunch/dinner.  Ofcourse, my social circle might also be to do with the fact that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some lovely people since being here who were happy to entertain me.

I am confident around men.  This one has been a major breakthrough.  In the society I’m currently working in, it is somewhat difficult to get close to the native woman.  They are extremely reserved, have lived a life where their fathers/brothers/husbands do everything for them and generally are not very inclusive.  The native men are similar in that they are reserved however seem to have a little more personality and it is easier to be friendly with them.

I have a “love actually” situation going on right now.  Through my work, I have met a lovely Egyptian man.  There is nothing at all going on between us.  He helped me out in a slightly bizarre situation when I was followed by a man for about an hour.  I bumped into alpha male Egyptian who came to my rescue, barking out a few words and causing pervo to go scurrying.  Since then, he checks in to make sure everything is ok.  He is lovely, can speak enough English to have a conversation but nothing deep.  Until I improve my Arabic or he improves his English, I don’t think much will be happening on that front.  Well there’s the added matter that he has never implied he likes me but hey, a girl can dream!

2 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Halal

  1. Enjoy the flirtation – you’ve earned it! Just remember that for every genuine guy there’s a thousand that you just should never EVER take seriously. In some cultures, the men just love women. And when your own aren’t available, you seek those who are. Not implying anything at all about your gent, who may well be lovely on every level, but take even a week’s holiday in Egypt and see how it goes: I find the question it comes down to is: what do you want from me? Sex, money, visa or a combination of those? Some might call me cynical, but this attitude has helped me out a lot in the past! Glad you are settling in and that your confidence is soaring.

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    • Hey jojo, nice to hear from you! Oh I’ve done the holiday to Egypt and hated it, basically because of the men! Definitely under no delusions about any culture and very aware of how many creeps exist out there. When I told hunkalicious how I think all Egyptian men are players, his response was there are x million people in Egypt and you’ve painted us all with the same brush. Anyway, nothing serious but nice to have a few pleasant men kicking around and who thus far have not crossed the line.


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