Run Away, Run Away as Fast as You Can

I know there will be those who think I have run away from my problems, leaving home and that life behind.  I won’t allow you to say that about me though.  To run away would mean that I never faced my problems head on.  I did and dammit I worked hard to get through it.  The pain, the memories, the God awful humiliation of being dumped in my work car park.  I laugh now at the absurdity of the situation, I mean who does that?  Dumps their wife after a 10 hour shift in the middle of her work car park.  It is beyond bizarre.

It took two years before I felt myself rise again.  Two years of emotional turmoil.  Pain can be silent and it can be cruel.  It tortures you from one day to a next, never allowing you to be prepared for what to expect.  Then it stops.  Just like that.  All of a sudden, It becomes easier to breathe and life feels good.

I left for myself, not because of someone.  I left to prove to myself that I could do it.  I left to show myself that I was not weak and broken by what happened.  I left and found myself.

2 thoughts on “Run Away, Run Away as Fast as You Can

  1. I am so proud of you! The culture we grow up in teaches that girls should take care of others before they can take care of themselves….hence, we move for partners’ jobs/careers, in-laws’ needs, etc. What you have done is to heal yourself, and if for that one has to go to the moon then I suggest they do! I hope you continue to strive and thrive 😀


    • What a sweet comment Naz. Many thanks for your message. Each person has their own way to heal, for me, ultimately I feel it has taken space and a change of environment to truly cleanse myself of the dirt my ex left! xx I have never felt more positive and happy about the future, whatever it may bring!


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