Soft Landing

I have moved!  A few of us who were recruited by the firm were put into a hotel for a few days before our flats were sorted.  I was sharing a suite with a woman around my age and started swapping a few stories here and there about life.  Shocked was a bit of an understatement when she told me she had been cheating, for a year, on her boyfriend of six years.  I had to laugh, if only for the irony of the situation.  I got on fairly well with her in spite of that.  However I was forced into a situation I suppose where I had to.  I chose to hate the action and it worked fine.  Strangely it reflected back onto my past situation.  Maybe it would be better for me to just hate what he did rather than hate him in the process.  It feels a bit lighter, this not hating malarkey.

3 thoughts on “Soft Landing

  1. It’s so true that hate takes a lot of a person. So i am glad that u can start to view his hurtful actions separately from your relationship with him.
    I am not going to ask u to forgive him- it’s light years too soon for that. Rather, i would like u to free yourself from any self-blame for having chosen him in the first place. We seldom know who we will turn out to be, so it’s a lost cause to predict how someone else will turn out.


    • Thank you for your message Naz. I don’t think it is too early to forgive. I think I have reached the point where I am enjoying life and I realise that this wouldn’t have been possible had I still been in the marriage. In a sense, I feel he chained himself by what he did however freed me! You are also right, I blame myself a lot essentially for choosing him and that is something which is slowly fading but an area I need to work on! x


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