I have been feeling semi fabulous recently.  Ever since I started to tie up the loose ends of my legal issues with the ex, I have felt empowered.  Today I received an email informing me that my ex has other warrants outstanding, therefore my own legal matters have to wait in the queue.  Strangely, it was a fairly good feeling.  It proved to me, as if I didn’t already know, that life is better without him in it.

Another wedding over the weekend however this time during family photos, I avoided the feeling of being a lemon. Usual routine at family weddings:

Camera man: “All couples face each other….erm…you there (pointing to me)….erm…face the couples”

Me: *Grin so high that it’s enough to compete with an insane hyena* “No problem”

This time, I plonked myself on the sofa beside the bride with an air of confidence and a look to the camera man which said: “You dare tell me to move, I will eat you, your camera and your children” before plastering the hyena type grin on my face.  Except this time it was a genuine grin.  I was confident, not skulking in a corner.

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