Silver Foxes

How old is too old when it comes to finding a partner?  I’ve always been attracted to the older man and remember well during my college days, my friends ribbing me about my taste in men.  As it happens though, first time around, I married a man who was only a couple of years older than me.

A friend’s brother approached me and asked if I was interested in getting to know Chappy.  I know of him and actually quite like what he stands for.  It’s my type of life or the life I could see myself leading.  Infact, had he been younger, there would have been no hesitation in my mind to say yes, let’s have a coffee.  The reality is different though.  There’s a twenty year age gap between us which makes him closer to my parents age than what he does mine.

My friends are the “say it straight” type of people.  “No, too old, you’ll be in your prime when he’s seventy” and “Laila, you want to be wiping a baby’s ass and not your husbands in ten years time” were two out the many pieces of advice I received.  The children aspect doesn’t bother me.  I really don’t see myself as a mother so to marry somebody older who already has grown children, might just suit me fine.  My best friend, Sal, told me to meet him.  I voiced my doubts, “What if I meet him, like him but I can’t get past the age difference?”.

I’m not naive enough to think that age is but a number.  I know it’s a reality.  Then I think to myself, well you never know what’s going to happen in life.  Should I just give it a chance?

5 thoughts on “Silver Foxes

  1. Based on my observation, it is better when women are younger than their husband or partner. Men always admire the younger ones. It would be better if your age gap would be 10 years. Believe me what I am saying are based on facts.


  2. 20 years is quite a sizeable age difference. Saying that, I don’t see the harm in meeting him at least once. You might find that actually you have completely different outlooks in life and decide to leave it there, or you might find your soulmate!


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