I don’t exude positivity.  I tend to harbour grudges and have the memory of an elephant when it comes to remembering instances whereby I felt hurt.  It’s not particularly healthy.  Not only that but it probably screams of hypocrisy as who knows how many times I may have hurt someone else without realising.

In an attempt to free myself from negativity, I have decided to “let it go”.  Or atleast try anyway.

Most of my resentments are towards those whom I felt never bothered their backsides when I was going through my split. I don’t have expectations from strangers but when it comes to family members and those close to you, then there is. However, it was my expectation and that’s the problem.  The people whom I wanted this from had never been part of my life in a normal sense, breezing in and out when it suited them.

In order to let it go, I understand now it was me that wanted something unrealistic from them.  Therefore it’s no wonder that it never materialised.  Although I feel that I can get over the bitterness that I’ve been carrying, I have come to understand that these relationships, sadly, aren’t important to me anymore.                                                                                                    Let-it-Go_0

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