Risked it for a Biscuit

On a more positive note (I should add that despite some of my more recent posts, positive things have been happening!), I’ve been offered a job abroad.  On a recent trip at the beginning of the year, I chapped some doors (with the help of a contact) and got talking to a few organisations.  The trip wasn’t made with this specifically in mind but it’s a country where I’ve always wanted to live so I thought: you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Sometimes to make a change, you need to take risks.  This move will be my first out of my home country, it involves me giving up my job here and doesn’t guarantee me a long term job there.  I’ve been ten years working a job in the field I studied, I know it like the back of my hand.  The job I will be starting will be my first in that field.  I undertook a teaching qualification a year ago, more to boost my confidence which had been badly shattered after the divorce, to try to force me out my comfort zone and meet new people.  It was probably one of the best things I did.  Not only did I love the course but I seemed to be quite good at it, gaining the top grade in the year.  I enjoyed it so much that I pursued it further and it opened up doors.

Gong abroad feels important to me.  Before I got married, I had big plans to travel.  Not just a wee holiday here and there but to really live somewhere new, soak up different cultures and broaden my mind.  Before I managed to put any plan in place, my ex came along, marriage happened and I convinced myself that I had made a sacrifice for someone else.

Now, I have no responsibilities and the timing just feels right.  If I don’t do it now then I never will.  If I hate it then I’ll come back.  But I need to know that I tried.

10 thoughts on “Risked it for a Biscuit

  1. Masha’Allah! Congratulations! Insha’Allah you have a great, experience new things and find the happiness you deserve! Sometimes we stop ourselves for people but in the end if we aren’t happy with ourselves we won’t enjoy life.

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    • Nice to see you back in the o line world Muslim Latina! Perhaps if I ever end up in your side of the world, we will have a chance to meet!

      I think if you sacrifice things for the right person then perhaps it’s worth it x


  2. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! *dances around*

    So happy for you mashaAllah! This is great news! May Allah always place you where you will be happiest and of most benefit to the people around you. Have a great adventure 🙂

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    • Hope you’re well healing2015. Aw thank you and ameen. I’m not really getting too excited yet as life tends to throw a curve ball from time to time but if all goes well (iA) then I should be away soon enough! X


  3. I too, continued my education for personal accomplishment. I taught and I love teaching. I stopped my blog I made for students two years ago when I had to change to administration because one of us needed a full-time job. My teaching was adjunct, part-time. I hope this new adventure in your life will open doors that fill you with happiness. Remember, you deserve happiness.

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