The Universe and its Power

Have you ever read the book “The Secret”.  It was a buzz in my work when it first came out.  To summarise the book; what you put out to the universe, the universe gives you back in return.  If you want something then you can make it happen through the power of your own positivity.  Similarly if you are continuously negative, negativity will come your way.  From a psychological perspective, it makes sense, even if we don’t look at it from the hippy type way the book is written (nothing against hippies).  From a religious perspective, it makes sense too, it appears to be similar to praying.

The underlying message of this book has always stayed with me.  At certain points during the course of my divorce, I have been unsure of what I wanted to do.  A very random person at a very random moment in my life said: “If you are unsure of what to do, leave it to the universe and it will eventually become clear to you”.  This has become my mantra; “throw it out to the universe”.

I still have my memory box.  All those mementos which I kept; anniversary gifts, photos, a hotel key card from our honeymoon (which I think I may have inadvertently thieved) and wedding cards.  I love that memory box.  I love the memories in that box.  I love that I had a moment in time where I believed I was loved.

I rarely venture inside that box.  It was duct taped shut for over a year, to try to stop me from having that Bridget Jones “All by Myself” moment (it still happened regardless).  I’ve never known what to do with this box.  My heart has never wanted to bin it but it’s never wanted to look inside it either.  Throw it out to the universe.  That’s what I did two years ago.

Suddenly the universe responded.  Nothing in particular happened but nevertheless it was a thunderbolt moment.  I just know what I want to do.  I will keep one wedding card out the box, special because it was given to me by a dear uncle and I hold close the words he wrote.  I have no desire to keep anything else.  It seems so anti climatic to bin the box however.  The last pieces of my life with him.  I quite fancy being a bit dramatic about it.  Perhaps a burning ceremony.  Maybe I could invite other broken hearteds to come over and burn their breakups.

You are all cordially invited….!

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