Tell me

I don’t want to hear how God is testing me.  That doesn’t make things better.

I don’t want to hear how marrying her means his affair wasn’t a fling.  That man has no capacity to love.

I don’t want to hear the lies they all spread.  I have the truth in tapes.

I don’t want to hear how he spoilt my life.  I believe my life holds more.

Instead, tell me how vile you find him.

Tell me she’s a fool and will last a year (at most!).

Tell me that he looks old and wasted.

Tell me that I’m worth my weight in gold.

For today, just tell me what I want to hear.

14 thoughts on “Tell me

  1. Salam, i am sorry you are going theough much pain.. You are worth more then all the diamonds in the world put together, never forget that. It’s hos lose, he threw away a gem and he will know soon..
    Keep tour head up, in time Love will flourish and you will be treated as the precious gem that you are.

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    • Dear Muslim latina, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and such a lovely message. If I’m honest, that was more frustration rather than pain over insensitive comments which I still feel come my way. X


  2. God loves you and He is watching everything. He is Just and none of this is for nothing.

    Let him marry her. Let her find out what he’s like. Maybe he’ll find out she can be a bigger monster than he is.

    People are stupid and insecurity is loud.

    You have more space in your life now for the good things to happen.

    He’s totally an ass.

    They are both fools.

    He probably does look old and wasted, I wouldn’t know but I’m sure of it!

    You’re worth so much more.

    Better days inshaAllah! ❤

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    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment healing2015. I do believe God has better plans for me despite the start of my post however at times, I wish people around me would just call a spade a spade! X


  3. I know it’s now *tomorrow* but you deserve so much better. Better to be single than with a ratbag like him. Well, he sounds more weaselly than a rat-bag, but you know what I mean =P
    In Islam, we don’t have Karma- but we do believe in Kifara. So it’ll come round and bite his bum, and! the mistress is stuck with him and his psycho ways. The End
    M x

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  4. If you are being tested, you’re getting a f***** A+!

    If he’s marrying her, more fool her

    You can’t possibly hear the lies cos you have risen too far above them

    He didn’t spoil your life, that gives him power and he has none. He was a small and insignificant stone you had to step over to get where you are meant to go

    He can’t look anything other than old and wasted cos that’s what he is inside

    You are brighter than gold. You are the sunshine and the stars. These are priceless.

    Love always, your oldest

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    • Oldest bestie……that’s exactly why you are my oldest bestie x thank you for the sweet words and support even now! I need to remember the line; “small and insignificant stone you had to step over” as that sums things up perfectly xx


  5. I have no idea if you are worth your weight in gold. Perhaps on the side, you are a child molester, pornographer, and a thief, I have no idea. So I cannot speak as to your worth.

    But if you want us to tell you what you want to hear and what is true, I can tell you their lives have no objective value, and so if you want to extinguish them from the earth, I would have no problem with that. Heck, I’ll help you pick out the weapons and pay for your entire legal defense if you want. If you are squeamish around blood, which is something I don’t understand, at the very least, in probably 60-70 years, they will both be dead anyway, and worms will be eating their bodies in the ground. Death is the final solution to all problems.


    • ZebramZee, your comments always lie on the murderous end of the scale which makes me somewhat relieved that an ocean separates us for the time being! A sobering thought though, death is the final solution to all problems. I don’t really want to wait that long so let us live each day as it comes!


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