Tick Tock

Do you hear that?  The ticking noise, I mean.  That’s my biological clock.  It’s not started screaming YET, I’ve pushed the button to snooze for another few years.

If divorce was going to happen to any of my group or family in their thirties then I’m almost glad it was me. I’ve never had this panic over having children like a lot of my thirty-something year old friends.  I’ve more or less always gone with the flow when it came to having children, which if you knew me, you would realise I am not a very go with the flow type of person!  

If I’m honest, I’ve never been keen on it.  If I was getting to know someone now and a teenage case of mumps had rendered him infertile then it really wouldn’t bother me.  Maybe if there was a button you pushed and a baby popped out your armpit, it would appeal more.  

In my roughly five years or so marriage, I was lucky enough not to have children with my ex.  There was never any pressure from him so I never pressured myself either.  As the years went on, his temper and aggression made me firm in my resolve that I wouldn’t bring a child into that relationship so I stayed on the pill.  I’m glad I had that much common sense!

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